Meet the Abyssmal Divers


The Abyssmal Divers  formed in 2000 for the sole purpose of camaraderie, fun, and to dive! dive! dive! We are a group of older divers with a sense of adventure, tempered by the knowledge of our own limitations. We have divers of all skill levels, as well as  a dive master and an instructor in our group.

The Abyssmal Divers in Monterey, McAbee Beach, April 2001
(from left, Luka, Me (Walrus), Craig, Jeff, behind the camera, Randy.)


Randy, Craig and Luka made the first expedition to Cozumel in Februrary of 2001, the following year they were joined by friends Mike and Andy for the Cozumel expedition 2002. Finally, in 2003, Jeff and I joined them for the third expedition to Cozumel.

The Abyssmal Divers in Playa Del Carmen, Feb. 2003
Waiting for the van to pick us up for the return flight home, tired,
but happy, and sad to see our trip end.
from left,  Me (Walrus), Mike, Andy, Randy, Luka, and Craig.
Unfortunately Jeff had to catch an earlier flight home.)


The Abyssmal Divers in Yap, Micronesia, Jan. 2004
Sitting on the bow of the boat in Mi'll Channel 
from left, front row: DM Theo, Randy, Craig, and DM Nico  .
back row: Luka, Andy, Bill, Me (Walrus), and Ken.)